Tokyo Ballet

White Shadows

Choreography, Dance


To reach eternity, harmony and peace, we have to live and die many times. Life and death are following each other until all eternity (end of time).

Building up … to break down.

Constructing … in order to destroy.

For life everything has to take the path of the narrow road deep into the interior of oneself, by looking up to the sky and universe, exploring the cosmos where everything is written down.       

When we reached  eternity, harmony and peace, all we will be looking at are …  White Shadows.


Premiered: February 2010 in Tokyo
Company: Tokyo Ballet
Music: Armand Amar

Costume: Agnes Letestu
Light: James Angot
Set Design: Patrick de Bana

Dancers: Tokyo Ballet, Manuel Legris, Patrick de Bana
Length: 55 min

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