Novosibirsk Opera & Ballet Theatre

The Rite Of Spring



Above all, keep in mind the musical score, this celebration of universal pagan rite that could – to pay tribute to Master Maurice Béjart – give as a new „Messe pour le temps présent“.

If there was an illustration of the way forward, that would be an impressionistic evocation; the one note of fleeting impressions rather than expose the stable and conceptual aspect. Suggest, open horizons and the most universal themes without ever imposing anything, leaving sweat here and there Africanism roots – Yoruba –  of choreographer, but also faiths and rites cross civilizations and beliefs.

Write illustrative contemporary fable of the violent society of the early twenty-first century in a form of expressionholding both ritual, pagan or sacred trance, drawing from the same sources of The Rite : Earth and Water in this their most noble.

One Mother, the other source of life, blending form the Mud perfect picture of deprivation and degradation.




Premiered: 2013 in Novosibirsk
Company: Novossibirsk Opera & Ballet Theatre
Music: Igor Stravinski

Costume: Stephanie Bäuerle
Light: James Angot
Set Design: Alain Lagarde

Dancers: Novosibirsk Ballet Company
Length: 35 min
Libretto: Jean-Francoise Vazelle

Photography: Alena Telpukhovskaya

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