Bolschoi Theatre

Rain Before It Falls

Choreography, Dance


I think of Marilyn Monroe. I think of Marlene Dietrich. I think of Maria Callas and Romy Schneider.

Beautiful, talented, famous – but alone.

Terribly, hopelessly alone.

In this solitude becomes a companion at all times and that you end up giving a face : this of the Absolute Love. As a drug, that is misleading minds until they invent a reason to live again – a chimera.

And then there are the people of ordinary lifes whose fate switches in an instant – an earthquake, the crash of a plane … famous or anonymous equal before the abyssal void that one refuses, that one revolts against in the violence of despair.

Fate has no use crying and tears: Return to your chimeras and live, if you still can.

„… a chimera, a dream, an unreal thing like rain before it falls.“

Jonathan Coe






Premiered: May 2016
Opera: Bolschoi Theatre
Music: Carlos Pino Quintana, Ottorino Respighi, Johann Sebastian Bach

Costume: Stephanie Bäuerle
Light: James Angot
Set Design: Patrick de Bana

Dancers: Svetlana Zakharova, Denis Savin, Patrick de Bana
Length: 25 min

Libretto: Jean-Francoise Vazelle

Photography: Aleksandr Ivanov

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