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Les Noces . Svadebka . Solitude of Poetry



Les Noces is a ballet and orchestral concert work composed by Igor Stravinsky for percussion, pianists, chorus, and vocal soloists. The composer gave it the descriptive title “Choreographed Scenes with Music and Voices” and dedicated it to impresario Sergei Diaghilev.

Patrick de Bana




Premiered: May 2019
Opera: Natalya Sats Musical Theatre
Music: Igor Stravinsky, Max Richter

Costume: Stephanie Bäuerle
Light: James Angot
Set Design: Patrick de Bana

Conductor: Alevtina Ioffe

Dancers: Moscow State Opera and Ballet Company
Length: 45 min

Libretto: Stephan Storczer

Photography: Elena Lapina, Tatyana Grudko, Elana Pushkin

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