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Jane Eyre



Jane Eyre, the legendary novel by Charlotte Bronte, is unique in that it is in China, „THE“ foreign novel taught in schools.

In this way, the resident Lowood, is a well known Chinese heroine. So, naturally, the Shanghai Ballet asked Patrick De Bana, to give his own reading.

Beyond the simple desire to adapt and as usual, Patrick seeks the flaw, he seeks a reading prism, respecting the work, give it a viewing angle, a more „tense“, more poignant; and probably hopeless.

Before him – in 1966 – Jean Rhys, Anglo-Caribbean author publishes Wide Sargasso Sea, a kind of rewriting Jane Eyre but from the Bertha’s point of view.

Giving to Bertha Mason, the mad wife to tie Rochester, the essential role of his approach, Patrick joined Rhys.

They experience the same fascination with this woman isolated in his madness, tormented, far from the whims of his social group that it is ultimately not familiar.

It is clear that thus the romance of Jane and Rochester becomes squeaky, but ultimately worth it for the helpless innocence Bertha.

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Premiered: November 2012 in Shanghai
Company: Shanghai Ballet
Music: Lorem ipsum

Costume: Jerome Kaplan
Light: James Angot
Set Design: Jerome Kaplan

Length: 90 min
Libretto: Jean-Francoise Vazelle

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