Manuel Legris & Isabelle Guerin

The Farewell Waltz



In the collective unconscious, George Sand and Frederic Chopin are the archetypal romantic couple. In light of the documents left by the two lovers, you’ll quickly get the measure of this possible couple entangled in such a curious romance, tumultuous and exciting.

Far from us the idea to „reconstitute“ the story in the strict sense, but rather as a source of inspiration to evoke the relationship of a couple of XXIst century, caught in the midst of this society increasingly dehumanized and living this complex, unbalanced relationship, and, in a cruel and painful way, and they know it but do not want to admit it, she is doomed to a fatal outcome.

The „big bang“ of two meteorites that meet, jostle each and go on his own path.






Premiered: April 2014 in Shanghai
Opera: Shanghai Grand Theatre
Music: Frédéric Chopin, Mikael Martinov

Costume: Stepahnie Bäuerle
Light: James Angot
Set Design: Patrick de Bana

Dancers: Isabelle Guerin, Manuel Legris
Length: 10 min
Libretto: Jean-Francoise Vazelle

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